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On Cohesion Simulation

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Welcome to the Website
Proposed Symbol for Cohesion

Here you'll learn all about cohesion and how to represent it in computer simulation
The will be links as to where to find information on cohesion in computer representation of human groups and organizations. It is a forum discuss the merits and problems of coehsion and to begin to investigate ideas for research, conceptual definitons and modeling its effects

On this home page, I'll introduce myself and talk about my reasons for studying cohesion.  I will post links to interesting sites that have relative connections with the study and representation of coehsion. The will include computer simulation realted sites, psychology related sites, curent events and a variety of other subjects as yet to be defined.

Hoplite Combat
This is a still from an application created to study cohesion in the classical Greek phalanx

What's New?

Here I wiil add an entry whenever I make an update to my web site. Where appropriate, I'll include a link to the change. Red indicates the current change

06/08/2007 updated resume

02/07/2007 added Reasons for using the Greek Phalanx to implement cohesion framework Simulation Implementation page.

01/09/2007  Added the cohesion framework graphic and expanded the Hoplite battle pic on main page.

01/05/2007 Fixed the dissertation file. It should open in Acrobat. Also addded the Hoplite graphic in the implementation section

01/03/2007 Added the stress realtionship with performance and heart rate text and graphic on the Stress Theory page

12/29/2006 Added 3 java jar executable files of the phalanx simulations for down load on the Simulation Implementation page.

This is a pdf copy of my disseration document.  In it  I describe a conceptual model of the components of cohesion and show an implementation of the framework using a classical Greek phalanx.

A Framework for the Representation of Cohesion

A Method to Represent the Effect of Training on Stress

Representation of cohesion in small combat unit during a combat incident

A site to explore and discuss the trust among member of group and its benenfits and problems