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On Cohesion Simulation

Simulation Implementation
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To implements the ideas proposed in the PhD disseration a classical greek phalanx was used and an example unit.  The classical greek phalanx was a combat unit that depended on its cohesion for its effectiveness. 
The reasons for using the classical greek phalanx for an implementation of the cohesion framework are as follow:

Link to the reasoning

Java jar files of the the three scenarios of the Greek phalanx battles.  These consist of:
  • Athens vs. Sparta
  • Sparta vs. a monor Greek city state
  • Thebes vs. Sparta
You will need to download and install the current java.

Java Downloads

Athens vs. Sparta

Sparta vs. Minor City State

Thebes vs. Sparta

Graphics For Hoplite Simulations These need to be down loaded to make the simulation show the hoplite fighting. Simulation will work without them, but you will only see the blank spaces where the hoplites should be.

Blue Hoplite Graphic

Blue Hoplite Officer

Blue Hoplite Officer Dead

Blue Hoplite Officer Running Away

Blue Hoplite

Blue Hoplite Dead

Blue Hoplite Running Away

Red Hoplite Graphics

Red Hoplite Officer

Red Hoplite Officer Dead

Red Hoplite Officer Running Away

Red Hoplite

Red Hoplite Dead

Red Hoplite Running Away

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